Burning Dough In Comparison - Gas Versus Charcoal

Grilling Season for the memorial day is common for Americans and as many would debate which is better, gas and charcoal are both great ways to cook and with pizza, this is a healthy choice. 

It has been a common belief that gas is a faster fix for cooking pizza and in other dishes, it would even come as fast as 10 minutes to just gas it up, close the lid and get your end product. 

But charcoal grilling isn't as slow as people perceive it to be, in fact it heats up in just ten minutes too or maybe another ten just to wait for it to heat up, hence gives people more time to prepare. 

The process meanwhile makes the big difference in the cooking. In gas grills, closing the lid means faster burning while in charcoal, keeping the lid up means allowing it to sear right. 

By keeping the lid up in charcoal, you are able to control the heat on the food but not as finesse as it is with gas. 

Using a grill pan for those lazy to cookers, or the gas grill can be an option for easier tasks and if you have too many guests, opting for this is a wise choice. 

Though gas is faster, grilling pizzas is still best on charcoal as it would imitate wood-burning pizza ovens and the results that it would bring. Maybe, your preference for the results would also differ and this isn't the best kind of pizza you would like. Either way, pizza is healthy and delicious on using grill! Try it out yourself and tell us what you think! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 30, 2013 at 10:00 AM