Busting the Pizza Myth: Pizzas are Ordered Pre-made

It is quite astonishing how many myths are available over the pool of pizza eaters and many of us may even have thought of this through our pizza experiences. 

In today's pizza myth or truth, we question one myth that most regular consumers would think - pizza chains use pre-made pizzas from a factory and just warm them up when needed. 

Do you think this is the truth or is it myth? 

The answer would rely on which pizzerias you point out. 

In most cases, this is actually a myth. The only reason why pizzas are made fast is due to the system already incorporated in pizza chains. Once pizza is ordered, a dough ball is chosen according to its size, tossed and shaped, then topped with sauce and cheese which has a pre-measured amount already. Te first process is made by one person and added toppings are done by the next person in charge. 

This process is made within 20 seconds and the pizza is then ready for some oven cooking, usually done within minutes in their high heat ovens. 

But this is not the case in all pizzerias as some, in other parts of the world, would have ordered frozen pizzas ready and heat it. Though this is a faster process, this does not guarantee delicious tasting treats.

Posted by Diane Araga, on June 1, 2013 at 11:00 AM