C2E2 Introduces Some Unique Pizza

At the C2E2 comic and entertainment convention that took place in Chicago April 25th through the 27th, guests got to meet comic book artists, actors and authors. They also were given the opportunity to sample some unique pizza.

Mountain Dew pizza was one of the options. Steve Hofstad of Dimo’s Pizza explains, “It tastes like the essence of Mountain Dew.” The idea to introduce special foods came via a food and comics panel from earlier years.

Cooking a Mountain Dew pizza is not as simple as adding the soda to a given recipe. Dimo’s Pizza worked to incorporate the flavor by using a mix of citrus, vinegar and herbs that mimic the well known flavor.

Previously, the Dimo’s collaborated to come up with “Flamin’ Hot Daenerys named after the character from Game of Thrones and the junk food Flaming Hot Cheetos. When trying to develop that recipe, they discovered that Cheetos “lose their texture when you bake them”, according to Hofstad. Dimo’s came up with a mix of spiced pepitas and sunflower seeds to recreate the crunch. If you use pulled park topped with the Mountain Dew sauce you’ve really got a unique pop-culture flavored pizza.

Posted on April 28, 2014 at 10:00 AM