Casey, Illinois: Greathouse of Pizza

The Greathouse of Pizza is owned by Trent Groothius and he is the genius behind the various concoctions served at the restaurant.

“We specialize in thin crust pizza. I think most people call it a Midwestern pub style kind of crackery crust, it’s pretty good,” says Trent.

The restaurant offers both a jalapeno popper pizza and a bacon cheeseburger pizza – each very popular with their customers.

On Wednesday nights, they do a special Chicago style pie, the true deep dish pizza.

“Four or five years ago I went to my brother, he lives in Chicago, and had Chicago style pizza for the first time and I was like, I can make this just as good if not better and I played around with it and I think it’s a pretty good product.”

Customers agree, the Wednesday night Chicago style pizzas are big sellers. Trent believes the reason for his restaurant’s success is simple:

“Everything’s fresh so I think that’s why it’s so good, we make the sausage in house and grind the cheese and make the pizza sauce and everything  … it’s no secret …”

Those who love the deep dish Wednesdays can even buy those pizzas as a ‘take and bake’ so they can freeze them and cook them at home later.

Posted on October 1, 2014 at 10:00 AM