Celebrating 7000th. The Hunt Brothers Pizza Way

Another milestone was achieved yet again by the largest supplier of made-to-order pizza in the nation, Hunt Brothers Pizza, as it opened its 7000th retail store at the Shamrock Gas and Go in Pottsboro, Texas.

Jesse Bassi, the owner of the Shamrock Gas and Go was quoted as having the opportunity of having the pizza shoppe “the best choice” among other fast food restaurants. He further added that since he added the pizza shoppe, sales in his facility has dramatically increased and the people loved it.

The business that drove the four Hunt brothers to success was developed in 1991 wherein they introduced to convenience store owners to open a pizza store in the middle of the shop. With a pizza that is efficient to prepare and the 30 years of experience the brothers had primarily catapulted them to success.

CEO Scott Hunt shared his experiences of how they built the company to be this big. He recalled driving everyday through every convenience store owners to partner with them and it paid big dividends that built milestone after milestone. In addition to having strong ties with convenience store owners, the company is also aggressive on its marketing scheme directing it to consumers in partnering with iconic brands, and sponsoring racing events. Add to that the company’s dedication in providing dedicated service to every store that offers Hunt Brothers Pizza by providing the store with an accounts representative, continuous employee training and various promotional tools. Those efforts paid off by having 7000 branches all over the country in a span of 22 years.

Hunt also said of the pride every Hunt Brothers Pizza employee and distributor takes in for this feat of accomplishment and gave all the credit to them as contributors to the company’s success.
Posted by Diane Araga, on August 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM