Cheese Industry Supported by USDA

US Department of Agriculture has recognized that the cheese industry is an important part of America's economical growth. As known by many, pizza has played a big part in America as most consumers favor on this dish. With this fact, the USDA foresees that more cheese are used in the consumption of pizza. 

The Nutrition Examination Survey were given out and the results revealed that 13% of the US population ate pizza. 

The research about this huge population revealed the following quoted results from the research: 

  • "Pizza accounted for 25% of children’s and 29% of adults' daily food energy intake. More than a quarter of all calorie intake was pizza.
  • Pizza accounted for 33% of children’s and 39% of adults' daily saturated fat intake. Compared with foods in general, pizza is much heavier in saturated fat.
  • Pizza accounted for 33% of children’s and 38% of adults' sodium intake. Compared with foods in general, pizza is much heavier in sodium.
  • But in recent years, the USDA’s dairy checkoff programme has spent many millions of dollars increasing pizza consumption among US children and adults.
Knowing this, the government has decided that agricultural products around US could be pushed out into the market and promote cheese. Using taxation on every hundred weight of milk sold worth 15 cents each. The taxes collected from the milk is then used for marketing purposes and is counter checked by the secretary of agriculture's appointed board of producers. It is also counter checked by USDA's agricultural marketing service from which the executive gets approval from. - a program which they called the checkoff programme. The said program has been assessed to collect around US$104 million for milk and US$98 million for other dairy. This assessment was made by the USDA for the year 2011, a mandatory assessment for expenses of promoting milk and cheese. 

In a gist, the programme is all about promoting milk and cheese to make the demand for it higher. 

Fortunately, this programme has been seen a success as every US$1 spent for promotions provides a return of $3.95 to $4.43 increased revenue for both milk and cheese, respectively. Undoubtedly, pizza has been behind of the success in this promotional programme as it partners with fast food chains, specifically Domino's Pizza. Not only has pizza contain all the cheese promoted but the specific chain has also been accounted for the 3/4's expenses in promoting cheese.

Posted by Diane Araga, on February 24, 2014 at 12:00 PM