Cici's Pizza Ain't About Pizza in Instagram?

The summer is here and it seems like Cici's Pizza is focusing their attention to something else. With their new marketing strategy to feature their "Cici's Drink Up Summer" the pizza chain is set to gather attention from the public.

This new promotion allows customers to gain VIP vacations to either the SeaWorld or Busch Gardens. From the airfare to the hotel rooms to the pocket money worth $200, any Cici's Summer winner shall be truly happy. 

Other prizes shall also be offered by the pizza joint simply by following the Instagram account of the restaurant (@CiCisPIZZA). Randomly, Cici's Pizza will choose a winner from those who will upload a photo of themselves with the Cici's Cup. The winner of such random pick shall receive $25 worth of gift card. 

This promotion won't be around for long though, it will only last until Sept. 1, 2013. 

"Summertime means family time, so we decided to have some fun and offer our guests another great reason to come in and enjoy CiCi's custom buffet and family atmosphere," said Cici's Pizza chief marketing officer Nancy Hampton. 

"Our guests really responded to our Instagram launch in June, and we see our 32 oz. summer-themed cup as a way to provide them with even more family fun, at the touch of a button."

Making this much more interesting, CiCi's Pizza is also having its buffet for $5 which will only last until its summer. So hurry and try this one out! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 8, 2013 at 10:00 AM