College Student Steals Pizza Delivery Van

In February, a college student stole a Dominos pizza delivery van, leading both the police and the delivery man on a chase.

The delivery driver arrived at Morgan Hall at 1:30 AM to complete a delivery to a student. While the driver was making his delivery, another student ran and jumped in the van which was still running.

Another pizza driver from a different pizza place, Village Pizza, picked up the Dominos driver and pursued the van while notifying the police.

The student who had stolen the van popped a tire, then proceeded to flee on foot. Both deliverymen chased the student. They managed to catch him and attempted to contact nearby security guards. The guards did not respond and the student punched one of the drivers and escaped. The deliverymen believe that the student was intoxicated.

The suspect was eventually identified and the school is taking disciplinary actions against the student. According to Chief Kyle Johnson of the Williamstown Police, criminal charges could be filed.

The manager of the Dominos restaurant says his crew will be more cautious when delivering to the college. They have a good relationship with the school and hope that it continues.

Posted on March 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM