Columbus Ohio’s 25 Best Pizza Restaurants

Never miss the best of the best! If you don’t know what pizza shops to go to, here’s a hint around Columbus Ohio!

Harvest Pizzeria

Pieces cut into squares on a thin crust, the signature Columbus-style pizza. Now what makes Harvest’s pizzas Columbus-styled? With its triangular cut pizzas it sure looks different in comparison. But with an intricate mix starting with the sauce, locally made cheese, and the crust that’s rightly charred and crispy, this pizza is Columbus in taste.

Its pizzas are sauced and topped with the right proportion plus you can get creative with the option of creating your own pizzas with the available sauces and toppings on its menu.

Bono Pizza

It may not look like much of a pizza restaurant but its pizzas certainly speaks big of the small spaced restaurant. Bono Pizza cooks its pizzas one at a time on a wood-fired brick oven and does not leave consumers bloated with its light and charred crust. It even encourages customers to bring their own non alcoholic beverages to the store.

Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza

We usually hear pizzas being baked with ovens that use wood or gas, but Natalie’s use of coal brings nostalgia with how New York pizzas were made. It brings out a unique flavor over its charred crust and claims it is better than wood or gas ovens in saving the planet. The one of a kind taste of a coal-fired pizza plus the great music the restaurant provides makes dining here an exquisite pleasure.

Yellow Brick

There is not one word to describe this pizza joint. The trendy chalk drawing, which doubles as the menu, makes it an appealing diner. What’s more amazing would be its uniquely named pizzas. It may be very direct like the Carnivore that has an all meat topping, or movie inspired like Dante’s Inferno.


Rubino’s made its name by making its signature crust, mechanically rolled, thin and crispy and cut into rectangles. The toppings are ordinary but the taste isn’t. Customers can even request to have their orders stay a little longer at the oven for that crunchy crisp everyone craves for. It lives up to be a classic Columbus-style pizzeria.

Bexley Pizza Plus/Gahanna Pizza Plus

An award winning restaurant that proudly displays its accolades means the pizza in this joint must be out of this world. True enough, the pizza is firm, not soggy thanks to its sturdy crust.  With 22 Signature pizzas and a huge selection of toppings costumers are surely welcome to dine again.

Borgata Pizza Bistro

Borgata’s New York-style pizzas are freshly made and can be viewed by customers. Customers are raving on its hefty toppings and chewy crust that is crispy on the bottom. It may have an unassuming exterior but once you get in, the interior is as friendly as it can be.


This long standing family owned pizzeria has made its location in Clintonville a traditional landmark. Their historical pies stand out over other Columbus-style pizzas. High quality toppings and homemade meatballs and sausages are just a few of their original ingredients to top their pizzas.

Pizza House

Pizza House has been in the business for 50 years. Boasting a thicker crust and a Midwestern cut, it is a cut above the rest of Columbus-style pizzas. Traditional homemade pizzas as well as new items such as the Pesto Pizza are churned out in an oven capable of cooking 120 pizzas an hour.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice

New York-style pizzas and alcoholic beverages make this place a hit among late night consumers. Its delicious pizza should not be forgotten to be dipped with its signature Slut Sauce made with garlic butter, hot ranch and barbecue sauce.

Plank’s Café & Pizzeria

This pizza joint may have a radically sweet dough but its salty and sweet combination might be something to be reveled with. Open since 1939, this pizza restaurant had been a favorite gathering place and a landmark.


Simple, and spacious, the location of this pizza restaurant is an enjoyable sight. Customers are invited to create their own pizza but there are available specialty pizzas on the menu. Proving to be a best seller is the Crowd Pleaser with the right ratio of toppings and cheese above  the sauce.


They may be an Italian diner but Tristano’s is famous for its Sweet Lou’s Authentic Chicago Stuffed Pizza. Loaded with sauce and stuffed with lots of cheese in the middle on top of a thick-braided edge crust.


Pizza toppings in this joint are full of imagination. The dough is hand stretched and when prepared, cooked at a stone oven.

Meister’s Pizza

Looking to unwind while waiting for your pizza to cook is what makes this joint a popular place to dine. Deep-dish pizzas famous in Chicago take time to be baked and Meister’s have pool tables and a jukebox for customers to enjoy while waiting.

Cowtown Pizza

Creating your own pizza has never been this fun when dining at Cowtown Pizza. With a variety of toppings that includes avocado slices, roasted eggplants and spinach, topping it on a crunchy crust has never been this much enjoyable.

Pizza Cottage

This family business started out in 1972 and has multiple locations around Ohio. BLT Pizza has been the all time favorite in this joint with bacon, iceberg lettuce and roma tomato slices covered with another pizza crust.


Massey’s pizza has long been regarded as a favorite among pizza consumers in Columbus. With its numerous locations, they produce an abundantly topped pizza from its fresh ingredients and ground spices on top of a unique dough made from grounded cornmeal that is thin and very flavorful.

Little Sicily’s

Located on the east side of Columbus, this family owned pizzeria offers their original recipe that has been used for 34 years. One particular pizza, the Ziggy’s special might be best eaten by people who would want to experiment with the tangy flavor of sauerkraut and the fullness of the Italian sausage.

Dante’s Pizza

The family owned pizzeria has been operating since 1973 offering traditional Columbus-style pizza. Its brightly colored sauce is a visual delight eating at the restaurant especially when its home made sausages are positioned on top of the tasty looking sauce.


Everybody would want a slice to munch at midnight watching late night television. 24 hours open, the store offers unlimited combinations from the sauce gauged from regular to Howlin’ Hot, and a Houddog’s thin crust or the famous garlic-butter drenched Smokin’ Joe’s. The possibilities are endless with its delectably good pizzas.

Tommy’s Pizza and Subs

More famous for its thin cracker crust, this pizza joint has been in existence for more than 60 years and has expanded to 4 different locations with 1 outside of Columbus. Its pizzas are best eaten with loads of toppings on its crispy crust.

Slice of New York

More known for its entertainment value than its pizzas, this pizza joint located in a Campus shop surely beats others with its dough tossing exhibition while you wait for your order to be cooked. The pizzeria formerly known as the Flying Pizza also offers its quintuple hand stretched Sicilian Pizza.


DiCarlo’s pizza is made differently unlike any other pizza. The dough with its sauce is cooked first before the cheese and the toppings are put into the dough. It leaves a fresh looking pizza with the cheese melting right before the customer’s eyes.


Located inside Ohio State’s campus, this joint is popularly known for its Sicilian pizzas and its extra large size or Buckeye. It can easily fill up even after just a slice of a Buckeye.

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 28, 2013 at 12:00 PM