Community Chips In

A small pizza shop in New Hampshire had a good crowd with folks standing in line for over an hour this past Monday. It was not in response to a great deal, but rather a showing of caring and compassion for a pizza delivery man who was assaulted on the job last month.

Brandon Patterson, 29, works for Somersworth House of Pizza. Last month, while delivering pizzas, he was beaten and robbed.

Customers were happy to comment on their participation.

“It’s been tremendously busy with people lining out the door, up the sidewalk. It’s packed,” said customer Pete Hood.

“We’re here just to support and help anyone in our community that we can,” said another customer, Christine Morris.

Justin Metcalf said, “He’s a good guy, has a family and he’s a hard worker.”

Patterson was making a delivery on July 2nd when he was attacked. The police suspect that he was beaten with a bat or a pipe. The father of three was left with a fractured skull. He also has injuries to his knee and ear. Three people have been arrested in conjunction with the assault.

The owner of the restaurant, Thomas Kefalas estimated that thousands of dollars would be raised in the community and after the tally, there was more than $11,000 raised.

Posted on August 6, 2014 at 10:00 AM