Competitive Eaters Challenged by Pizza

If you think eating competitions looks so easy, here's one video of two competitive groups that could attest that eating humongous amounts of food, even pizza, could be so difficult.

The challenge was set for two competitive eaters to finish off a 54 by 54 inch pie in a pizzeria. Though competitions and videos make it seem like its so easy to do, the challengers could attest that it could also be difficult even with a delicious and scrumptious bite of food already in front of you. The two teams were Competitive eaters and Wreckless Eaters. 

The challengers have taken long before they could finish the 54 inch pizza and after an hour or so, one team had won. 

Between the two challengers, Competitive eaters have won and explains that they have expected to feel a little nauseous about eating too much while Wreckless eaters  have also testified that they don't feel so good after eating too much pizza. 

Not unless you have any challenges worth winning, take a bite of pizza in amounts you don't need to barf! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on January 22, 2014 at 9:00 AM