DietBet Contestants Eat 32-inch Pizza for Weight Loss

Another promotional stunt for a diet company was released on Friday as DietBet challenges six professional competitive eaters to take a diet bet, amounting to $1,000. The winner/s, who loses four percent weight in a span of one month, shares the cash prize.

DietBet is a site that promotes losing weight in a fun and competitive way. Through a simple bet, users are driven and enforced to lose the target weight and as claimed by the site, using their system makes it 5 times more effective. See Video below.

Three of the contestants, naming Will “The Champ” Millender, Joel “The Cannon” Podelsky and Mike “Sisco-Kid” Sisco, were guests on Friday for their “Last Supper.” The event was held at Ripley’s Believe it or Not! in New York.

32-inch pizza, 3 minutes to spare, and a lot of beverages, the “Last Supper” was a definite eating contest.

In the end, “The Champ” took the title, but what people are pondering about is the fact that he accepted the weight loss challenge.

The 446-pound champion explains, "There wasn't much convincing involved, I mean, I've always needed to lose some weight. My strategy is to eat like a normal human being, which I don't do. Payday comes around and I go down to the buffet and order two pounds for lunch, no problem."

He also adds that the passion for the competition is still present in him, even though he will be having a hard time.

"These eaters are the most competitive people out there -- you give them a competition, even if it's dieting, they'll do it!” Jamie Rosen, DietBet founder said. "Our business is about having fun while losing weight. These guys were totally up for it."


Posted by Diane Araga, on March 23, 2012 at 9:00 AM