Cottage Inn Provides Healthier Choices

Cottage Inn Pizza isn't just about healthy pizzas, they are also about healthy gluten-free sandwiches which is perfectly aligned for the Celiac Awareness Month. 

Gluten-free pizzas and cheese bread has also been in their menu since 2009 that caters to customers with Celiac diseases or gluten intolerance. Some franchise owners even have Celiac disease, allowing this option to have greater ties with their partners. 

VP of Operations Deborah Masse states that 10% of Cottage Inn Franchisees have celiac disease, hence makes this product a perfect fit for them. For instance, franchise owner Shayfi Broumand states that this allowed him to change his life and the lives of customers in their eating disorders. They have shared better and much fuller lives. 

“Customers have told us they feel more energetic and don’t have as much joint pain after taking gluten out of their diet,” Broumand says. “We’re proud to provide gluten-free foods that don’t sacrifice on taste. Our gluten-free pizza crust really is delicious!”

More variety is attained in adding the gluten-free sandwich in their menu. 

“We wanted to work off our existing menu to make more items available to anyone with this dietary restriction.”

The gluten-free diet isn't just a trend but they have had the head start in this particular diet since 2009. 

“We could tell this was a major health issue with consumers and wanted to cater toward them,” comments Broumand. “The market was demanding gluten-free products, but other pizza chains weren't offering.”

It is important though that cross-contamination be avoided to ensure that customers are provided well with the right dish suitable for their disease. 

Four flavors are available for the sandwiches - Italian, Ham & Cheese, Turkey & cheese, and veggie. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 29, 2013 at 1:00 PM