CPK’s New Kitchen Menu

New flavors has been released by California Pizza Kitchen this season and it involves embracing different cultures in other parts of the world but fused into California Style as they introduced the Spicy Korean Barbecue Pizza and Spring Market Vegetable Salad from this month to June.

The Spicy Korean Barbecue Pizza is filled with interesting ingredients such as Korean barbecue pork, slivered scallions, sesame seeds, mozzarella cheese, spicy kimchee salad that includes Napa cabbage, cilantro, carrots and fresh cucumber tossed in Siracha vinaigrette.

Meanwhile, the Spring Market Vegetable Salad is a composition of field greens, purple kale, spring peas, Granny Smith apples, red radishes, cider plumped raisins, toasted pecans, fresh dill and mint, tossed in house-made Greek yogurt vinaigrette.

“Our new Spicy Korean Barbecue Pizza allows us to satisfy guests’ desires for the growing Korean food trend, while adding our own California twist and creativity. We are also excited to share the Spring Market Vegetable Salad, which is an exceptional reflection of how California Pizza Kitchen incorporates the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients onto our menus." said Brian Sullivan, SVP Culinary Innovation for California Pizza Kitchen.

Other than the food items, California Pizza Kitchen also added new beverages that includes wine flights, new craft beer offerings and the introduction of a Diet Pepsi® Mixology program.

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 18, 2013 at 8:00 PM