Customary Tip To Think About

When thinking about the tip for servers and delivery people, customers tend to debate which one should be higher. 

On one end, a 20% tip would be customary to be given in a server inside a restaurant. Most people argue that the service, ambiance and the whole experience of being waited out would be the justifiable reason to tip more. It has also been said that those who deliver would do good with just $10 since extra services are not experienced. Servers constantly interact on customers, they provide customer services the whole dining time and would require to have a pleasant attitude despite exhausted circumstances or encountering rude customers. 

However on the other end, it is also argued that delivery is harder than regular servers since home location is to be sought by the delivery guy and despite any weather, the delivery must be made. It is also said that going from one place to another is much more exhausting than staying in one place and serving many. In addition, delivery guys do interact too with customers despite all circumstance. 

More than ever, tips have been an issue with those delivering pies and serving them. Being frugal might be an answer to your crisis but giving out would ensure that these employees would be determined to be better at their jobs. So if you ask me, tipping the server or the delivery guy should be equal, provided they do their job right! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 20, 2013 at 10:00 PM