David Schuler’s Annual Pizza Madness

Ordering a pizza is too common at a local pizza chain. Driving more than a thousand miles to order hundreds of pizzas would surely bring attention. By attention, its national attention.

David Schuler once again broke his record for pizzas ordered at Town Spa at a recent visit in his hometown in Stoughton MA. His 25 hour journey every year ends with a loadful of orders this time totalling to 251 with 75 orders each of linguica and onion, pepper and onion, cheese and 26 pepperoni pizzas.

This year’s order is not only the the change in this annual trip back. He is planning a stop over this time at the University of Tennessee to drop off pizzas to her niece who studies at the prestigious university.

28 years of residing in Mississippi has not diminished Schuler’s love for his hometown favorite. The thought of Town Spa’s pizzas made him drool to order an enormous amount every year and has drawn attention from the National Enquirer and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Town Spa usually prepares for the huge order of pizzas for Schuler’s annual trip back home. Starting as early as 6 in the morning, Town Spa bakes the pizzas lightly and then let the pizzas rest until they are cool enough to be wrapped for the long drive back to Mississippi.

The quality of pizzas in Mississippi just could not compare to Schuler’s taste buds. Every year’s pilgrimage up north in Massachusetts is incomplete without an order of his favorite pizza.

Driving for long hours proved to have an advantage for Schuler’s journey. It has been an economical choice than flying since he can order as much as he wanted when he chooses the hard way to travel than flying on a plane.

As Schuler prepares for the long drive down south, Town Spa’s manager Matt Phillips and his crew fills up coolers load of pizzas into the trunk of Schuler’s car. His trip back wouldn’t be as complete without hugs from family members and a bite of a linguica and onion pizza to cap off his marvelous journey. Everyone is anticipating next year’s orders but for now, it’s off to Knoxville.


Posted by Diane Araga, on September 2, 2013 at 11:00 AM