Delivery Drivers Show Up in All Types of Weather

When the weather is bad, often pizza delivery drivers are their busiest. They find that on days when people prefer not to be out, instead they’d like food to come to them.

Delivery expert Ashley Chittum says “Snow or rain, people don’t want to come out so we go to them.”

When roads are particularly bad, pizza shop managers are concerned about their employees.

“It gets a lot busier, probably ten to twenty more per hour,” says Domino’s manager Thomas Durfee. “We have policies that say, you should just drive safe, drive under the speed limit, take your time and be cautious.”

Durfee also explains that his drivers are trained to be particularly cautious during bad weather and to take it slowly. He also acknowledges that the roads can really vary, even in the same town on the same night. He will sometimes drive around to see what the roads are like in areas where deliveries are likely.

Durfee’s workers just take their time, making their deliveries one after the other so their customers can relax and stay out of the weather.

Posted on March 14, 2014 at 10:00 AM