Delta Gives Out Free Pizzas

A 3 hour flight delay can be such a drag. Without the ability to use restrooms or get out of the plane, passengers are given quite a hassle.

In this scenario, Delta Airlines has decided to handle the angry passengers with pizza as they ordered 60 or more orders from Pizza Hut, delivered via police escort toward the plane.

"I suspect they couldn't drive a pizza-delivery van on the Tarmac for security reasons," said one passenger in an interview from WXIA-TV.

"They just wouldn't serve us beer. And yes, we asked a bunch of times." Said another to NBC television.

This generous gesture was an idea of Delta’s Pilot as the have been trying to avoid dissatisfied passengers who can legally leave in situations like these under Department of Transportation regulations.

The pilot states that the pizza fills the stomachs of passengers and keeps them sitting tight, allowing them to have more time.

This strategy isn’t something new anymore, in fact they have been doing it several times already.

"It's a nice thing we can do for our customers," said Morgan Durrant to NBC and added "And it's something we've been doing in these situations."

Posted by Diane Araga, on March 30, 2013 at 11:00 AM