Design Your Own Pizza Menu

A critical aspect in owning a pizzeria is having to own a rocking menu where impressions could last. What you have to offer makes the crowd come back, and of course the taste that deserve the price tag you put on it! A menu is also known as the primary sale's engine, which is why it is important for it to be appealing enough to the customer. 

Here is a quick guide toward menu design: 

1. Put the name of your pizza shop along with the other information such as website, location, and number in front and on top of the menu. This will allow customers to remember the restaurant. 

2. Decide on the theme and strictly follow the theme of the shop to the menu. Darker contemporary colors suggest elegance while bright ones are usually for fast food. Trivia: In marketing, red and yellow colors reflect and create appetite. 

3. Don't just list your menu items, categorize them into sections. This will allow your customers to easily pick out and look into your menu. Make it easy to read. 

4. Place the prices of the dishes in the menu to avoid annoyed customers. It is not customer-friendly to hide up the prices! 

5. Paper menus are good for those customers who often take out while laminated menus are good for those dining in. So create which ever kind of menu you need for the specific type of business you have. 

6. Highlight the focus of your shop in the menu by bolding the fonts of the items related to your focus. Offering slices should be indicated in the menu if the business is offering it. 

7. Make your description in each item concise but descriptive enough to allow people to think why they should order the item. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 1, 2013 at 5:00 PM