Dewey Pizza Joins Transparency Cookings

Just like the pizza chains, Dewey's Pizza found in Lakewood, Ohio has allowed its customers to feel security by doing a transparency marketing stunt. 

The 15 year old pizza chain based in Cincinnati allows customers to watch the pizza making process. The location was chosen among all branches as its neighborhood is just at a walking distance. 

One Friday's open cooking show had brought in a lot of customers wherein customers from Northeast Ohio drove by just to eat there. Customers are able to witness that the pizza making is clean, hand-made and well worked for by the employees. It even benefits the owner as it secures them that no tricks are made. 

“It’s the built-in babysitter – that’s what I call it,” said managing partner, David Igel “That will be lined with kids standing on chairs. Adults look, too, but the kids love it. Adults won’t admit it, but they love it, too.”

The pizzeria makes their own dough, their own recipes for salad dressings and desserts as it aims to take the pizza and their other products "to the next level." 

Other than their products, they also allowed interested people to learn how t make pizza in their pizza school. Here they will learn how to toss pizza, top it and make sauces which only costs $25.
Posted by Diane Araga, on October 31, 2013 at 1:00 PM