Dinner Pie Surveys

Did you know that there are studies being made specifically on pizza. Well of course there are, especially that there are a ton of pizza brands competing for the larger American market audience. 

In one of the surveys, a study shows that the pizza loving nation has a featured patern wherein out of 8 Americans, 1 of them keeps a habit of eating a slice on given days. USDA research has proven that it is indeed the favorite. 

For instance, in one week at least one slice is eaten by an average Joe. But of course gender has its impact on the pizza eating decision as men are more of a pie eater than women. 

In a study of 12-19 year old adolescents, 26% males ate pizza while females remained at 18%. Kids at around 6 to 11 years old also consume more pizza while old consumers over 60 years old consumers only ate 6% for male and 5% for females. 

Cultures are also a factor for the rate of consumption as each race shows different results. Please see photos of Consumer reports from Dailymail

Posted by Diane Araga, on February 24, 2014 at 11:00 AM