Domino's Releases Financial Pressure from $5000 Promotion

Encountering a financial crisis, family man Aaron Collins wins a $5000 prize from Domino's Pizza Biggest Wage Promotion. The Dunedin Cycling teacher just by working for an hour at Domino's store in Auckland. 
The main game was only to make pizzas with the team, where he submitted some marketing concepts to endorse the new pizza sliders. Fortunately, Collins won the big prize money as his strategy proposal was chosen as a potentially good introduction to the public. 

"This will be the best money I've ever made - and not only because it will be the most fun I've had working, but because it will help me to support my family," he says as he explains that his job is seasonal and has been down."It will ease the financial pressure as we get through the winter months."

A father of an 18-month old child and a husband for three years, Collins states that this has lifted them from financial burden. 

So what was the strategy he submitted? 

Pizza boxes looking like Connect Four Grid that had tokens, which reflected the four flavors of the pizza sliders. 

"We wanted to choose a winner who is innovative, and just as passionate about our brand as we are. Aaron fit the bill perfectly. He's a true pizza aficionado, whose creativity reflects our commitment to delivering a product that is always fresh and inventive." said Josh Kilimnik, NZ General Manager of Domino's. 

The couple were pizza lovers and both enjoyed the winning experience. 

"We are both pizza crazy - picking up a pizza is always our go-to takeaway option. She's asked me to bring her home a pizza from my shift in Auckland, but I hope she's joking!"

In June, Collins will receive his $5000 salary for his one hour shift at Domino's in Auckland. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 31, 2013 at 7:00 PM