Domino's Voice App

Domino’s is now the first major fast food chain to offer an app that allows you to place orders by voice.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android. “Dom” is the computer enhanced voice attendant ready to take your order. “Dom” speaks English only at this time. While they currently offer only a male voice to take orders, Domino’s does say that there may be more voice variety in the future.

The move by Domino’s is in an attempt to appeal to Millennials using their affection for technology.

Patrick Doyle, CEO at Domino’s says “There will be a day when typing on keyboards or with thumbs on mobile devices will come to a close. We want to be the ones to advance the technology experience.”

Fast food restaurants are working on automated ways for customers to place orders. These types of apps may eventually lead to job cuts, but that day is not too close yet according to a Domino’s spokesperson.

Domino’s app is considered a sophisticated technological entry in the technology world. Domino’s has been consistently working to upgrade their brand and this app is another step towards that. They know that there will be things that need to be tweaked and they are looking for good feedback from their customers.

Domino’s currently has 10,900 stores in 70 markets across the world.

Posted on June 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM