Dr. Seuss and Pepperoni Pizza Tree

Aidan Meath or also called by his friend as Dr. Seuss, wrote a book with lessons significant for children. This 10 year old boy wrote a book called “The Pepperoni Palm Tree.”

Yes, you read it right, the author is 10 years old. He attends to Mater Dei School in Bethesda as a fourth grader who also plays the piano and lacrosse.

Writing a book wasn’t actually sudden, in fact, this book was already conceptualized by the kid since he was 7.

“My dad had written a book and so I wanted to write a book too,” he says. “I asked him if I could write a book and he said ‘Get to work.’ ”

 “I came up with ‘The Pepperoni Palm Tree’ because I like pizza and the beach.”

Together with his father, Jason Meath, ideas were brought and characters were very well drawn by Kirk Parrish.

In the book, you will find an unusual story where a palm tree bears pepperoni instead of coconuts. Meanwhile, other plants and animals in the area taunt and tease the trees due to its difference. Only one boy remains a friend to the palm tree and his name was Fredrick.

This boy has promised the palm tree that he will look for more of its specie.

“The message is to treat everyone with respect. The other trees made fun of the pepperoni palm tree, but in the end who came out on top?” Aidan asks. “I know bullying is a really big problem for kids.”

Of course, writing the book was not as easy as pie and Aidan’s father helped him in writing it but all of the ideas came from Aidan.

“The Nettleberry Trail was Aidan’s idea and very important to the story,” Jason Meath says.

This exciting moment in his life has been great for Aidan and his readers, as he recalls, some of the children in Alexandria own a copy.  “and they read it and were like ‘Wow. I really like this book,’ ” Aidan said.

Even a pizzeria in the area, Ledo Pizza, created a pizza party for Aidan that features his pepperoni book, and campaigning for kids to read more.

Other than the pizza tree, Aidan also has another idea which is “about an ugly pumpkin and his friend, Larry the rat.”

To all other inspired young writers, this is Aidan’s advice: “Get to work and write about things that you like. If you like cars, write about cars. If you like football, write about football. Write about stuff you like.” Or maybe you like pizza, write more about it! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on January 4, 2013 at 9:00 AM