Eat Balance's Solution to Pizza Crusts

The healthy pizza has made a statement that being an authentic healthy food is what they stand for, hence no cheesy crusts nor stuffed crusts will be introduced. With this in mind, how will they make kids eat the crusts then? 

The solution is pretty simple and all they had to do was to make the flavors reach up to the end of the circle. Kids will definitely consume all the healthy ingredients inside this pizza and no weird toppings will be added. In short, there's really no crust to recognize! 

The goal of Professor Maclean of Eat Balanced states that their pizza would be soon made a three-a-day meal program. To make that happen, of course, not all meals should be pizza and therefore his team would be making expansions. 

The group has already made their way in the public around U.K. and has been finding a patner in U.S. to license and distribute the healthy pie. 

“A lot of people assume that as soon as you’re in the supermarket, you’re going to drive a Ferrari at the end of the year,” Maclean says. “But when you’re in the supermarket, you have to fight even harder to compete with the thousands of products that are screaming at every customer when they’re going up and down the aisle.”

The price of each pie is around $5.50 in Europe and hopefully it will be priced the same when it comes in America so more families could enjoy the healthy meal.
Posted by Diane Araga, on January 25, 2014 at 11:00 AM