Employees Picketed Demands Higher Wages and Rights to Unionize

Union organizers and employees of a Pizza Hut in Topeka Kansas unite to stand in protest during lunch time over a nationwide movement to increase the federal minimum wage.

Aside from increasing the federal minimum, demands such as improved working conditions and sought for unionizing the fast-food workers are also requested by demonstrators. A few other cities have the same resentment over the issue and had been running the same protest for several months.

The young employees of the Pizza Hut in Topeka together with union leaders wanted more than double the minimum at $15 as costs of living and college education are more expensive and the current minimum of $7.25 at Kansas would not pay for such expenses.

City Council member Chad Manspeaker led the employees on sending the notice of the said strike and was on full support for the causes of the laborers saying that this movement inspired him and would stand for their rights with this protest.

A similar protest was also happening at Kansas City, Missouri and was highly attended by some protesters at the Topeka strike.

However, not everyone approves the demand of workers for higher wages. 57 year old Richard Moore says that the skills needed for the fast food industry is not in proportion to the minimum pay they demanded. Workers were adamant about his reaction and told him to get a job since he has been sitting on a curb at the street. He defended himself by telling protesters of his luckless journey in landing a job.

The manager of the Pizza Hut in Topeka asked protesters to carry on with their activity to the nearby street as he forward all the demands to the corporate headquarters. As of the moment, Yum! Brands, owner of the Pizza Hut brand has not commented about the said protest in Topeka.

Workers and union leaders vow to get their demands and they would not stop until it is met.

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 3, 2013 at 10:14 AM