eSports Receives Support from Papa John's Pizza

Papa John's is giving away 50% Off promo to support eSports, also known as competitive gaming. The tournaments that are done every day have brough enjoyment among many customers. To keep the fun coming in, one of the big pizza companies in the world has set its partnership with several eSports teams and organizations. Those teams will receive support while fans gets 50% discount. 

"This week, we will have an opportunity to introduce another mainstream company to esports," said Victor "Liquid`Nazgul" Goossens in a statement. "Evil Geniuses, Liquid, and ROOT, alongside OneMoreGame.TV and the DotA 2 League, will be working with Papa John's this week to show them what our teams and fans can do."

This promotion should last until May 27. Fans who want to participate only has to go to the website of Papa John's eSports, click on a team they support and order pizza withthe promo code PIZZAGG. 

Other rewards are also available for tiers, which makes the promo much more exciting. 

Tier 1 - 25 Papa John's gift cards given to fans who've purchased pizza
Tier 2 - 25 Legendary LoL Skins or D2L Ticket/Courier Bundles to fans who've purchased pizza
Tier 3 - 25 EG or TL mousepads given to fans who've purchased pizza
Tier 4 - 25 EG, Liquid, or ROOT shirts to fans who've purchased pizza
Tier 5 - EG, Liquid, or ROOT players (selected by community) will conduct a series of live, on-stream AMAs
Tier 6 - EG, Liquid, and ROOT cross-game showmatches
Tier 7 - EG pizza eating contest between Machine, HuK, and DeMusliM casted by djWHEAT
Tier 8 - iNcontroL and TLO will switch teams for a week and act as head coaches in an EG vs. Liquid off-race showmatch
Tier 9 - EG.LoL will film a special music video cover, with the song selected by the community
Tier 10 - EG, Liquid, and ROOT will host a community pizza party at an upcoming North American live event

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 24, 2013 at 12:00 PM