Essential Pizza Tools

If you’re going to try to make pizza at home, it’s good to get advice from someone with some good experience in the business. Anthony Falco from Roberta’s in Brooklyn says you’ll need these items in order to have the most success with homemade pizza.

  1. A Kitchen Scale

A quality, durable scale allows you to weigh ingredients when making dough. Because good dough involves fermentation it can be unpredictable. Measuring and weighing ingredients allows you to retain some necessary control.

  1. Mixer with Dough Attachment

If you’re not making a big batch of dough, it’s perfectly fine to mix by hand. You’ll get a good ‘feel’ for your dough during its various stages. On the other hand, a mixer makes things much easier and faster.

  1. Dough Scrapers

Once the dough is ready, you’ll need a scraper. There are two types: a flexible, poly scraper or a metal scraper. You’ll need the poly scraper to get sticky dough out of your mixing bowl. You’ll use the metal scraper to cut pieces of dough to the right size. (And you can use your scale to weigh the dough). There is one more type of scraper that is good to have. It’s technically called a triangle spatula. Think of it as a putty knife that you use when removing dough from a proofing box or a sheet tray.

  1. Ladles / Squeeze Bottles

These are fairly easy to use. Use a ladle to spread the sauce. Use a squeeze bottle for the oil.

  1. Pizza Stone or Baking Steels

When you’re putting the pizza in the oven you need a good cooking surface. Use a pizza stone or a pizza steel. You can even make your own stone surface by using 6x6 unglazed quarry tiles placed together.

  1. Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is used to move the pizza from your work surface into the oven. The perforated metal ones lets any excess flour fall through. A metal peel is used to place the pizza in the oven. A wooden peel is usually used as a surface to build a pizza.


Posted on September 4, 2014 at 10:00 AM