Famous Manga Creator’s Diet a Nice Surprise

The Japanese diet typically consist of raw food and freshly made noodles but well known manga creator Shigeru Mizuki’s eating habits may come as a surprise to many as it include burgers, pizzas and sweets.

Mizuki, 91, recently launched a book entitled “If You Go Ahead and Eat, You’ll Be Happy – The Daily Healthy Life of the Mizuki Brothers” shows his and his brother’s eating habits which he believes made him reached his age.  In his book, he wrote about his love for fast food specifically burgers. He is always caught in Twitter with a post after ordering a burger at a famous burger chain. He is also fond of ordering pizza from the pizza delivery. He is often too excited to get fliers from pizza restaurants in his daily newspaper. He also loves eating sweet treats such as Gari Gari Kun, a famous Japanese popsicle, botamochi, a delicacy made of red bean paste and sweet rice, and daifuku, a rice cake with sweet bean paste.

With today’s diet conscious populace, Mizuki’s diet is not quite the standard but as he says it, when it’s your time to go you die. When it’s your time to live, you live. It all comes in the genes you got from your parents. 

Posted on February 27, 2014 at 9:00 AM