Fastest Growing Pizza Company Ranks Higher

Marco's Pizza this year is growing fast as its company expands in various areas. With their fresh ingredients, high quality creation of pizzas and their secret sauce, the chain won't be in a shock with its growth. 

Of course the marketing strategy is intact and will be opening 104 new locations this year. Last August, over 1,500 contracts for new franchisees have been signed and it is expected that the company will grow within 5 to 7 yrs. 

Entrepreneurs this year have seen growth in their own business and over thirty per cent of the refered business are from business owners already. This has resulted for the new comers to attain Marco's Pizza franchise. 

The revenue growth from last year to this year of Marco's Pizza became the reason why it is growing at the top, as a top franchise opportunity. Expansions have been seen in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. 

Soon enough their expansion shall be bigger as the pizza market also grows. 

"We've established ourselves as a leading franchise in the pizza business," said Jack Butorac, CEO of Marco's Pizza. "It has resulted in exponential growth for our brand at a time when many competitors have either struggled or failed."

Many franchises have been seen having trouble when the operating costs start to rise, Marco's Piza has itroduced a way to their franchisees that they don't ecperience this. They have trained their franchisees not to panic, instead, follow a fool proof plan. 

Like any other company, they have created a program for the 7,900 employees of Marco's pizza to make things better. 

"As we further our development efforts and open in new locations, we'll innovate and evolve through new partnerships, new products and continued investments into the brand," said Butorac. "We are stoked that the growth in the pizza category further enhances the big growth prospects of Marco's Pizza in particular."

The high corporate backing to their franchisees also made their company one of the best and to double in size within a few years of time Entrepreneur Magazine and has seen Marco's on top, being at the allstar franchise systems. 

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Posted by Diane Araga, on December 5, 2013 at 11:00 AM