Florida Man Loses Weight With Pizza

In the miscalculated perception that pizza allows people to gain weight only, Florida Man Matt McClellan proves them wrong by going on a pizza diet that illustrated a clear proof of losing pounds. With over 24 pounds lost from this bicyclist and pizza owner, McClellan claims that his health improved with his pizza diet. 

Tour de Pizza, found in S. Petersburg Florida, ate pizza for 30 days an only pizza alone. His diet states that the end result had gained him lower cholesterol, lower body fat by 10% and five inches lost in his body. 

If you must ask how his diet was made, here is how: Eat one slice of pizza every 3 hours and exercise one hour a day. It is only through moderation that his diet works with the requirement of changing the toppings for every meal to be able to defeat loss of some necessary nutrition. 

His workout also has a routine everyday but as advised by anyone, this diet should only be followed if the doctor says GO! 

This pizza shop owner has also travelled to East Coast by bike to promote his diet with the goal of reaching 22 cities just so he could prove the public that eating pizza doesn't necessarily mean gaining weight! 

According to his belief, pizza is the "healthiest fast food option on the market." 

The tour ended in New York City, proving that there are a lot worse dishes that makes the health worse. 

"Anybody can lose weight on anything if they are eating less than they were previously," said dietitian and American Dietetic Association spokesperson Keri Gans told That's Fit. "I'm not surprised he lost weight. Who knows, maybe now he's consuming 2,500 calories a day when before he was consuming 3,500 -- pizza plus burgers, fries and soda." 

Gans also mentioned that the diet doesn't guarantee that it will work for everyone else. 

"It's possible to actually gain weight on this diet," added Gans. "It all comes down to how many calories are consumed. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with eating pizza. I tell my patients that they can eat pizza -- it's a great opportunity for vegetables!" 

But as doctors and dietitian would state, eating a certain food all the time would mean a lack of vitamins, nutrients and health benefits from other food. 

Pizza could also lead to having an intake of too much saturated fat. 

"Any time that you have a so-called diet that is restrictive, you'll eventually get bored with the food and not be able to sustain it. Really, you should never be on a diet that is restrictive," said Gans, "healthy eating incorporates all foods."

Pizza isn't bad for the diet but food in general should be taken in moderation.
Posted by Diane Araga, on May 29, 2013 at 9:00 AM