Food Labelling Changes Consumer Perception

New food labeling standard have been released by the Government for food industry businesses to follow. 

Large food companies and popular brands have not yet followed this new standard but has been an arising issue for several years now. 

It has been the government's concern that the obesity issues are increasing and they believe that putting the labels in front makes the consumers aware of the nutrients and the dangerous elements of some food products such as fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar. 

Other than obesity, diabetes epidemic, heart disease rates and cancer are also the government's concerns as these illnesses are also rising out of poor nutrition. Having such shortage of a good diet, science proves that this has also been the cause of shortening lives. 

The new healthy pizza product from Eat Right, has followed such standards. In fact, they are even reassuring the consumers that eating their product would benefit them of good nutrition. 

Products such as these assure people of their good health but the food label standards are not followed by all companies so it is best for buyers to always check the nutrition facts for a healthy lifestyle!
Posted by Diane Araga, on July 3, 2013 at 5:00 PM