Food Phrases Gone Wild

It's not so common to use these phrases anymore but do you know what each food phrase mean? Well if you're eating a piece of pizza and someone tells you that the menu in that pizzeria is carefully curated, would you fall for it and automatically think its the best thing in the world? 

It's time to learn some phrases if you don't! Here's some meanings that should be revealed! 

1. "Carefully curated"
Of course everything was curated in fact, every menu is well curated and designed carefuly for every target audience. Don't be fooled when someone tells this to you next time! 

2. "Market-driven"
In other words, the menu comes and goes, changes over time or depends on the availability of ingredients. This is not really building good impression on customers tht is why some restaurants say its "limited edition" to cream it up a little. 

3. "Re-imagined"
If the pie was the same ingredients or probably has other sauces involved, then the pie is just changed a little, not re-imagined! If it turned into a liquid pizza that everyone could enjoy, maybe that's re-imagining! 

4. "Riffs on classics"
Some restaurants say that using something different is already considered "riffs on classics" and probably declaring so just to get attention but if the pizza slice isn't as extraordinary or hasn't cope with the real classic taste as this phrase, then its not riffs or classical at all. 

5. "Pan-Asian"
Use ingredients from the Asian market and they automatically mean its Pan-Asia but if its just normal ingredients used that covers Asian market, then don't be fooled by the description. 

6. "Slow food"
What chefs tend to mean here is its way of cooking but for some weird reason, they made it sound like a negative connotation. It just means it was well cooked slowly in low fire. 

7. "Artisanal"
Most pies get this description but we often associate it with something sounding so similar, like a bottom of a person. For what its worth, the term used is actually one of the biggest and most popularly used term for those marketing gourmet pies. The word was associated with lovely ingredients, culinary surprises and mastery in this industry. Unfortunately, even frozen pies have been described as such. 

8. "New American"
The American Dream was always popular but the new American phrase was questionable. It doesn't really make sense if American means a mix of migrates in your pizza but what ever the pizzeria is making, I hope it tastes good. 

9. "Chef-driven"
The chef isn't really literally driving and neither are the market! No one is driving but if the pizza is all about the chef's feelings and what he makes, then this is what chef-driven is all about. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on February 3, 2014 at 11:00 AM