Fourth Of July Celebrations with Pizza

Fourth of July is the time to celebrate for it is the official day of the country's independence. Programs will be available, fireworks will be visible everywhere and best of all, pizza will either be free or discounted! 

The Ottawa fireworks program is set to be scheduled tonight. Pizza from Bianchi's Pizza setting in for their annual Red Stocking Christmas in July pizza party is held for the fifth time. The Times Red Stocking fund benefits the program and customers will be able to enjoy music, fireworks, and hot pizzas over at tents. Two slices will only be $3 with a drink included. 

Location of the said event will be at Jordan block green space downtown from 4-8 in the evening onwards. 

Over at Roberta's Pizza from 8 in the evening onwards, people can also celebrate independence day for only $5! Location of the night time bash will be at Knockdown Center. 

The public will also be celebrating with Brattleboro today as the volunteers of citizens' committee bring in "By the People:Brattleboro Goes Fourth" to everyone. This Independence day celebration is their 40th year.

From 10 in the morning, a parade and bike decorating is also happening at Vermont Inn Pizza, located at 228 Canal St. 

Personal pizza pies is also available at Roberta's for just an entrance fee of $5. Dancing until the morning comes at Bushwick at the Knockdown center is certainly a good idea to celebrate the 4th located at 52-19 Flushing Ave, Queens.
Posted by Diane Araga, on July 4, 2013 at 11:00 AM