Free Pizza from the Fire Department

Residents of Fresno are getting a free pizza if they have a working smoke detector in their home.

The Fresno Fire Department is working with Me-N-Ed’s Pizza and for the next few days, they will be following the delivery drivers as they make deliveries to homes in Fresno. If the home owner agrees to a smoke detector inspection by the fire department AND if the detector works, they get free pizza.

“if the pizza arrives and the smoke alarm works, they get a free pizza. If not, we will change the batteries, or we will change the smoke alarm and educate them on the importance of having a working smoke alarm,” said Keri Donis, Fire Chief.

The fire department is providing the new smoke detectors when needed. Me-N-Ed’s Pizza is supplying the free pizzas.

The promotion lasts through Wednesday as part of Nation Fire Prevention Week.

Posted on October 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM