Free POS Giveaway Winners from Pizza Chalet

The first quarter Granbury POS Giveaway has been announced already and the lucky pick is a man from Yucaipa, California - Scott Dillard, owner of Pizza Chalet. The picked winner gets 2-terminal point-of-sale system and a software choosing from Firefly, DiamondTouch or Vital Link. 

Phone training is also includes phone training, 3 months of free online and mobile ordering and 3 months of free technical support. 

Since 1980, Scott has been working in the industry as a bus boy. He had worked his way up and earned his rewards during the 1992 when he was given a chance to be an owner. 

However, the POS system of his business is an embarrassment since the systems very expensive for his pockets. He thinks the POS softwares will make business better and give better services, rewards and tracking of customers will be easier. 

The Granbury Restaurant Solutions Free POS Giveaway online was his perfect solution.

Being the winner, Scott was first skeptical but after a while, he finally realized its a real win and said “I won!  WOW!  Good things really do happen”.

Now Pizza Chalet can serve you better.

The POS system he entered can be seen at 

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 26, 2013 at 7:00 PM