Frozen Gluten Free Pizza

Steve Neid has been making frozen fat-free pizza for a long time. Now he is offering a gluten-free version that he dubs “super-organic”. The new product is available at all 15 Acme Fresh Markets and has been certified by the USDA as organic.

According to Neid one of the most important things about the product is that it contains raw cheese. The cheese is non-homogenized and is made at a small dairy in Pennsylvania. The cows are grass-fed. Neid says “It’s been a painstaking effort to make sure every spice, every component was certified organic.” In addition, the gluten-free pizzas do not contain any GMOs.

Neid has a day job in addition to his pizza efforts. He teaches economics at Akron’s Ellet High School. His pizzas are sold under the label Pizza Fit’n Free.

The director of Center Store Sales at Acme, Jon Albrecht agreed to sell the pizzas after a taste test. “You can almost taste that they’re healthy, he’s really using quality products,” says Albrecht.

While the pizzas are not inexpensive (a 7-inch pie sells for $5.95), Neid and Albrecht know that the price is due to the quality ingredients. Albrecht says that the local Akron chain of supermarkets tries to support local businesses who offer quality products.

Neid’s pizzas are also available online at



Posted on April 25, 2014 at 10:00 AM