Frozen Pizza More Than Just A Frozen Dough

Osteoporosis has been one of the leading chronic diseases in America.  However, such health issues haven’t been addressed fully with foods circulating around the stores that are full of preservatives that add more harm than good to consumers.

Pizza is naturally a good source of calcium which prevents the weakening of the bones and lessens the chances of having osteoporosis. Pizzas are good but Americans, known for being always on the go, would prefer convenience and choose foods that are easier to prepare without the hassles of normal food preparations.

Consumer Reports, a leading expert in rating market products, made a review of some of America’s best frozen pizzas available at local supermarkets. The review was restricted to 16 brands with cheese and pepperoni as flavors.

Topping the list in both flavors is Home Run Inn Classic. The Home Run Inn Classic is full of mouth-watering sauce and gooey cheese. Its flavor laden pizzas however did not compare very well with other brands in the health category as fats and calories proportioned the taste of its pizzas.

A healthier alternative brand would be Red Baron Singles Deep Dish. Aside from being a healthier choice, it is also a best buy among consumers. The sauce of a Red Baron Singles Deep Dish is mildly spicy with gooey cheese and a crust that can be compared to pastries.

Tested brands can be cooked on a microwave but is still best cooked at a conventional oven.

As nutritious as it can be, these pizzas partially fills the recommended dietary allowance for calcium and other vitamins and minerals. However, statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that 90% of Americans exceeds the daily recommended intake of sodium. This is another problem that is needed to be addressed especially with the pepperoni flavor of frozen pizzas as they to contain more sodium and fat.

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 4, 2013 at 11:00 AM