Game Day Locks Up without Pizza

With the belief that the Denver Nuggets team have been eating too much nachos and pizzas, coach Brian Shaw made a new law around the locker room of having no pizza and nachos allowed before games days. 

The offensive play of the team has forced Shaw to observe well what has been causing the poor performance and has found out that the imbalanced diet came to be one of the reasons. So instead of the regular fast food, the team had salads with chicken breast and cold cut sandwiches. 

The change of diet however, didn't improve the performance of the team, in fact, they were still sluggish! 

After a series of saturated fats and grease in the system, there will be no doubt of sluggishness so it may probably take a while before the salads work up. Critics even say that the sluggish performance may not be from the pizza snacking, rather just some attitude or lethargy. 

Even Kobe Bryant could have proved this so as he scores high points even with some unhealthy grubs. 

For the improvement of the team, Shaw still searches for the sluggish reason and he won't stop until he finds it.
Posted by Diane Araga, on January 30, 2014 at 3:00 PM