Germany’s Interesting Pizza

Germany has pizza in every corner of the street. They have vending machines for pizzas, they have stores for it in every street and they even have the personal sizes in bakeries. What keeps Germany’s pizza memorable is its toppings, as it features the most unusual ones like the thunfisch pizza or also known as Tuna Pizza!

Joey’s Pizza is one of the establishments there in Germany that has definitely lived up to the word weird as they feature a tad bit eccentric food combinations in their pizza topics. Stories have already been buzzed around with this pizza chain, reflecting a “must try weird pizzas” reputation. Nonetheless, people still keep on coming back.

Here are some samples of their menu items:

1. Pizza Bombay

chicken, pineapple, curry sauce

2. Pizza Crazy Dog

little sausages, Danish pickles, ketchup, Danish remoulade, and french fried onions

3. Pizza Dutchman

ham, tomatoes, broccoli,  and hollandaise sauce

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 2, 2013 at 11:00 AM