Gourmet Pizza Restaurant

Blue Moon Pizza in south Fort Myers was founded by Kelvin Slater and his wife Mandy. They are celebrating 11 years in the pizza business with their restaurant. They offer traditional and gourmet pizzas as well as salads and sandwiches.

They pride themselves on their gourmet flavors with fresh, top-quality ingredients.

“I think the real key isn’t just our ingredients, it’s the combination of flavors,” says Slater.

Their pizzas are brushed with extra virgin olive oil then sprinkled with coarse salt and black pepper on the edge of each pizza. Slater takes particular care when adding the toppings to a pizza, making sure that they are evenly dispersed to provide the complete blend of flavors in each bite.

“We’re not skimpy with the toppings,” says Slater, “We actually put them pretty close together. So we like for every bite of pizza to get that particular ingredient as well.”

Guests can find subtle flavors like roasted garlic, artichoke hearts, fresh basil and tomatoes. Care is taken to bring the most flavor out of every ingredient like cooking the mushrooms with parsley and salt to keep extra moisture out of the pie.

“We like to treat the pizza as a work of art. When it goes to the table it has to look good and I think that helps with the flavor profile as well,” says Slater.


Posted on June 12, 2014 at 10:00 AM