Grandma Pizza; A New Classic

New York pizza has made its mark to be a famous treat. Be it round or rectangular, the classic pizza has evolved with so many flavorful choices. But there is one emerging New York pizza, one that can be a classic, a legendary pizza which has been created decades ago that has only been recently been discovered by New Yorkers.

The Grandma Pizza, so aptly named with its simplistic origin from the old country. Back then when old people used to make a pizza in their kitchens that only had a thin layer of cheese and fresh slices of tomatoes over a thin crust. It never tasted so fresh and light on the tummy compared to contemporary New York pizzas.

New York pizzas started out round at the start of the 20th century, and eventually had a rectangular version named “Sicilian” being thicker and softer on the dough than its circular counterpart. It is easy to serve with its longer time at the oven that it’s too easy one can differentiate it from an authentic Italian pizza.

At some point one would want to have a fresher feeling when it comes to eating pizzas. Long Island pizza-makers wanted to have that old feeling again back in the day when grandma used to make pizzas. Then they made their own version of a pizza that is light on the cheese and thinner on the crust. Thinner compared to a Sicilian pizza. Fresh tomatoes top it all up and a new pizza was born out of a combination of an old recipe on a Sicilian pizza inspired crust, only thinner.

It was a local success almost being exclusive to Long Island but parts of New York came to hear what a marvel this Grandma pizza is though it hasn’t really spread out that much just yet.

This lighter, fresher and thinner variant of pizza might have found a new home in the Upper East Side and it has made its way to be a favorite among consumers.

Stephen Vanacore, who owns Mimi’s on 84th St., detailed on how his father has shared Grandma Pizzas to its customers. He recalled that his father used to make it for personal consumption up until 15 years ago when he decided it to put it on the menu and his customers loved it.

Another pizzeria owner Joe Cavaleri of Mariella pizza at 70th St. also shared how famous Grandma pizzas has become in the area. He just had a large order of Grandma pizzas at a school party.

Lighter and fresher, the signature tastes of a Grandma pizza, a definite factor for a future favorite.

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 22, 2013 at 10:00 AM