Greenbush Street Chicago Style Pizza

Rodney Shank is the owner and head chef at Greenbush Street Chicago Style Pizza. It’s been a longtime goal of his to own a pizza restaurant.

The restaurant is located at the intersection of Greenbush and Erie streets. Shank purchased the business in April. He made some changes to the menu, including the addition of a Chicago Dog. This dish is a platter of green relish, pickle onion, tomato, mustard, sport peppers and celery salt all on top of a Vienna beef dog. It’s served on a poppy seed bun. If a customer asks for ketchup, Shank refuses, saying “That’s not how you make a Chicago Dog.”

The pizza is topped with homemade tomato sauce. Shank makes sure that his pizzas have a fresh ingredients and a generous portion of mozzarella. Pizzas coming out of the oven have cheese so thick and bubbly that it covers the toppings.

Shank strives to keep a neighborly feel to the restaurant. Visitors can see that the local police officers and firemen feel welcome, often stopping in to chat. One of the menu items, ‘Firehouse Sauce’, is a secret recipe that Shank got from a fireman friend. (Shank is a former fireman).

Shank says, “The one thing I want to do is to make a strong community business.” He has dedicated himself to giving back to the Greater Lafayette community.

Posted on July 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM