Grimaldi's New York Style Pizza in California

El Segundo now has a real New York style pizzeria to call their own. The owners have worked to bring the New York experience to the Grimaldi’s restaurant. The restaurant includes photos of the Big Apple and the kitchen is the primary focal point of the atmosphere.

The sauce is known to have a ‘secret ingredient’ and the restaurant is known for their handmade mozzarella and their dough. By their thinking, the most important ingredient in the dough is the water. They had a chemist recreate the water using a special filtration process so that the customers in El Segundo can experience the same flavors as the customers in Brooklyn.

Their menu focuses on their pizza. It also includes salads and a good selection of wines. The salads are old school, like their pizza. They offer selections like antipasto, Mediterranean with feta, spinach with Gorgonzola, Caesar, caprese and a house salad 0b the star of the show is always the pizza. The restaurant offers a good sized outdoor patio for their guests to enjoy.

Their basic pizzas come with slabs of mozzarella. Their topping menu includes 24 selections. Dessert selections include cheesecake, cannoli and tiramisu.

Posted on May 8, 2014 at 10:00 AM