Hearts and Pizza’s

Valentines was the season that every couple loved and it became much more special when heart-shaped pizzas popped out of pizzerias.

One of those pizzerias is Lou Malnati’s with their love pizzas in New York. This Chicago pizza chain has offered commercially this heart shaped pizzas to have a unique touch last valentines.

With the number of searches for “heart shaped pizzas” over the internet, specifically 230%, offering such dish should not be missed!

Google states that Illinois, Texas and California were the top states that seem to have a ton of people looking for heart-shaped pizzas.

Another pizzeria who took this opportunity is Papa John’s Pizza. In 2010, they sold around 60,000 heart-shaped pizzas and sold even more in 2011 and last year sold over 75,000.

“We first offered them nationally three years ago, and they’ve become widely popular,” said Papa John’s Spokeswoman Tish Muldoon.

If pizzas had more shapes and sizes, I bet more people would purchase more of these than those fattening sweets! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on March 6, 2013 at 12:40 PM