High Tech Workers Get free Pizzas

Facebook and Salesforce.com companies have indeed spoiled their employees. Other than the high salary, these tech cruncher also have the benefit of flexible work hours and free pizza! 

Technology has been said to change the workplace of qualified employees and companies believe spoiling them makes them work. 

Facebook portfolio manager for real estate holdings Chris Lunny, spoils employees with unlimited free pizza, onsite doctor and banking services, door-to-door comuter vans and dog care. 

"As a real estate organization, you want to make the work environment as pleasurable as possible and create a second home for your employees," Lunny said. "It's not just us -- it's what the talent expects."

EVP for operations and mobility at Salesfoce.com located in San Francisco Todd Pierce uses the word "Scrum" from huddle in football to describe his team, which focusees on managing the customer bases of clients. 

"These self-contained teams have everything they need -- developers, testers, designers -- to be incredibly productive and have a sense of ownership," he said.

Other than being a "Scrum" the term "Gamitification" means "making a game out of a company goal, which has been applied in the same company as well. This has been in practice to enable collaboration and competition to arise among employees. 

"The top 10 or 20 people are 'winning' and that releases chemicals in the brain that makes them do more of that," he said.

One issue of a matter for Salesforce however is the fact that most of their employees preferr to stay in San Francisco than in a big building. 

"The employees coming to you and saying what kind of space they want to be in -- that's not the norm." Panel moderator Timothy A. Tosta, a partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge said. 

Meanwhile in Facebook located at Silicon Valley, the area is placed far and employees have also been spoiled too much that in their perception, gassing up is a waste of time as they could be gassing up in their Facebook campus. 

The challenge is on for the democratic companies to keep their employees happy with their indifferent demands that range from bringing their dogs to work to having a day care inside. Over 20 or more employees have already filed this request.

In addition to those requests, the free pizza is also a problem for the company in terms of keeping good health. They believe that having pizza everyday is not a healthy lifestyle. 

"I don't think it's really clicked yet that you can't necessarily be living a caffeine and junk food lifestyle forever." said Pierce and added "That's the dark side of free food."

Maybe they ought to consider including the healthy pizza by Eat Balanced Brands. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 24, 2013 at 10:00 AM