Horse Meat on Pizza

The Godfather movie must be the inspiration of this pizza because it literally used a chopped up horse in its dish.

In Denmark, a local butcher has been reported to serve horse meat on top of the pizza, illegally. The said butcher has promoted his toppings as “beef” and has been delivering to pizzerias all over the local area.

Michael Rosenmark, the Food Administrator, revealed the test results from the samples of Harby Slagterhus. The said “beef” topped on to pizzas were found to be a mix of beef, pork and horse meat!

Although people have known a different point of view, the butcher defends itself stating that the restaurants knew they were high-quality alternatives that included horse meat in their products.

However, a witness who was also a former employee of the shop says otherwise. The shop has been said misleading.

This issue has moved the authorities to check meat products all over Europe and the results has been the same as the butcher’s shop. Meat based products in supermarkets were found to have horse meat in its ingredients and none of the consumers have noticed!

Would you eat the horse meat? 

Posted by Diane Araga, on March 4, 2013 at 11:00 AM