Hot Hot Pie: The World's Spiciest!

Sleaford Local has accepted the "neknominate" challenge where a spicy pizza sauce is involved - the only problem is, this pizza sauce is not so ordinary! 

As proclaimed, the pizza sauce featured is the world's hottest pizza sauce and the local man, Dan Simpkins, tried to endure the sauce from Little Italy Pizza Co's challenge. 

The challenge started from Neknominate, a popular social media that is all about extreme challenges such as this pizza sauce and alcoholic beverages. Specifically in this challenge, Simpkins had to eat a spoonful of the hot sauce and washing it down with a pint of beer. Of course, the sauce is not an ordinary spicy mix as it features secret recipes and ingredients that results to a 12 million scoville heat units. 

Unfortunately, this pizza challenge has already put lives in danger and pushed some people to make a stand that calls for banning the challenge. In fact, the video has been removed by the user. Fortunately, the video from Little Italy Pizza Company is still up that enlightens us about their England based sauce that is so hot, 4 slices of pizza can make your tongue bleed - literally! 

Winners win £20 cash if they accomplish eating it within half an hour. Would you risk it?

Posted by Diane Araga, on February 19, 2014 at 2:00 PM