How Frozen Pizzas are Made?

Pizza, no matter the form and shape is one good dish! Even the frozen ones are good to eat and these frozen goods are not easy to make for long storage. 

Some frozen pizzas may have raw ingredients, such as those in take and bake products. Others already have pre-cooked dough and toppings and all you have to do is to reheat them. Over the years, these manufacturers have tried to develop this frozen food to be able to produce better products. Obstacles such as preventing the sauce from being absorbed by the dough or making dough that wont become rigid if frozen and reheated.

So beyond knowing that frozen pizzas are not easy to make, have you ever wondered how frozen pizzas are made? Well, this video from Discovery Channel explains it all. The show, "how it's made" has revealed how these manufacturers make these delectable treats. 
This video has been posted in YouTube back in 2010 and there may or may not have some changes of how these things are done but more or less, this is the way its processed: 

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 4, 2013 at 9:00 AM