Hunger Games Star Flips over Pizza

Jennifer Lawrence has been seen all over with the Hunger Games' second movie out in the market and as one of the shining stars, this famous best actress Oscar winner could still be as wacky as any other person. Just like her pizza loving experience with Josh Hutcherson and his mother in one of their down times in Hawaii.

With enthusiasm, the Lawrence and Hutcherson recalled the experience and revealed it in an AOL interview and fan interaction. 

In the interview, pizza was distinctly the utter most desired thing for both stars as revealed in their anecdote: 

Jennifer, randomly: Remember when your mom didn't order that pizza that one time, and I was so mad?

Josh: [You were so angry that] you had to walk away. . . . So we were at a house that we had over in Hawaii. We were all going out on this little adventure in kayaks from my house across the ocean to these other small islands. . .

Jennifer: It was 45 minutes there, and 45 minutes back.

Josh: My mom said for us to call her when we . . .

Jennifer: . . . got to the island . . .

Josh: . . . because she is going to order pizza that takes 45 minutes [to make and deliver].

Jennifer: So by the time we get back . . . the pizza is there.

Josh: So we paddle all the way back and literally the only thing that is keeping us going is . . .

Jennifer: . . . we’re all chanting, “Pizza, pizza!”

Josh: . . . and then we get [home], and the pizza has not even been ordered.

Jennifer: I’m like, [in angry giant voice] “Where is the pizza?!’’

Josh: She said, “Oh, want me to order it?”

Jennifer: I was like [mimes walking away], “Yoga breathing, yoga breathing.”

Quoted transcribed interview from and AOL.
Posted by Diane Araga, on November 25, 2013 at 10:00 AM